I love tattoos. always have.  Got my first one at eighteen and I was hooked. But long before I was tattooed or tattooing they had enchanted me. However, if you had asked me then where I would be now, tattooing is most likely not what I would have said.  I had always been creative, spent most of my life exploring different artistic avenues, knew I wanted to have a career in art.. I attended Pratt Institute in search of that goal for two and a half years but felt rather lost.. When I took some time off to think about it that's when tattooing found me.. It was another year before I left Pratt and began to peruse tattooing full time. After an introductory apprenticeship, and some traveling I finally found my nitch at Salvation Tattoo, in Oceanside, NY. Tattooing has allowed me to use everything I've learned and apply it to one fabulous art form.  I love all styles ranging from color to black and grey, realistic, lettering, traditional and neo-traditional as well as ornamental, patterning and dot work.  I've been tattooing five years now and am predominantly self taught. I learn more every day and I couldn't be happier about it.     
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